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Math Class

Math Class Policies

Grading Policy

  • Tests and projects are worth 30% of the student’s nine-week grade.  We will take a minimum of 2 tests per quarter. We will also complete 1 in-class project per quarter.
  • Daily work is worth 45% of a student’s nine-week grade. Daily work consists of any assignment that is completed during class time, including journal checks or vocabulary quizzes.
  • Weekly bellwork quizzes are worth 20% of a student’s nine-week grade. Students work with the teacher to practice and review a variety of concepts on Monday-Thursday during math class. This process is very interactive and we have great conversations each day about our bell work questions. On Friday, students will take a quiz that covers the skills we have practiced throughout the week. Good classroom listening and participation are key to your student’s success on their bell work quizzes!
  • Participation is worth 5% of a student’s nine-week math grade. It is imperative that
    students are participating in the activities, assignments, and discussions that we are having each day during math class. Class participation grades may come from checking a student’s journal, exit tickets, student involvement in a math game, etc.
  • A minimum of 18 grades will be assigned each quarter.
  • Progress Reports will go home after every 3 weeks.

Late Work/Absence Policy/Deductions

All assignments will be given a specific due date. A 10 point deduction will be taken for each day that an assignment is turned in late. Students have the opportunity to correct most assignments for up to 70% if they receive a failing grade. Corrections are to be done on the student’s own time and must be corrected and returned within 3 days of receiving the graded assignment. If a student is absent, they are responsible for picking up their make-up work and getting it turned in on time. Students are given one extra day to make up assignments for each day absent. A 5 point deduction will be taken for assignments turned in with no name/student number and for assignments completed in pen.


If your child is struggling in math and needs extra assistance please encourage them to see me before school. I am available Monday – Thursday from 7:30 until 7:50.